Sweepstakes ends September 15, 2021 – Treat yourself to some of our cool swag and you’re automatically entered into our sweepstakes. For every $5.00 spent on merchandise equals 1 entry. Each entry will be a small slip of paper with purchasers name on it. The more entries….the more slips of paper. We place all entries inside a see through drum and go LIVE September 25, 2021 @ 1:00 P.M. CST on our IG & FB accounts to draw a winner. We draw LIVE so the process is as transparent as possible. We blindfold the person drawing, spin the drum multiple times, unlock the drum, and have blind folded person draw one lucky winner. No need to fill out any forms, sign up anywhere, and you don’t have to live in Texas to enter either. We pay for airfare and vehicle transport so don’t let distance stop you from entering. Check out the sweepstakes rules for more details. Thank you and good luck to everyone who enters. We greatly appreciate all the support!


Ted Wiley (@tdubsr) just like most people probably never thought he was going to win but he spent a few bucks just to show Texas Show Promoters some support. Well…..on August 7th our daughter drew Ted’s name and he received the exciting news via a phone call! Just a few days later Ted was at our TSP HQ taking delivery of his custom 2008 Chevy Tahoe. Congrats Ted! WILL YOU BE NEXT?

We try to be as transparent as possible showing all the various names inside the drum, pulling a winner blindfold, and going LIVE on IG & FB to show legitimacy. Our sweepstakes are the REAL DEAL!!! We strive to offer the Texas automotive community a much needed service by sharing, posting, and promoting automotive events and have been at it for over six years. It is a full time job and has not been easy with no source of revenue so we started the sweepstakes. Any and all funds raised helps us to continue doing what we’re doing but also allows us to grow and expand. We greatly appreciate everyone’s support whether you purchase something or just share one of our many posts about the sweepstakes. Thank you and good luck! Don’t forget…ENTER TODAY and maybe you’ll be posted up here next!